Limelight is a new take on the lightbox. Totally bespoke and totally beautiful it will re-define what you can do on your sites.

Multiple content types

  • Images
  • Videos (YouTube, Vimeo & Self Hosted)
  • Google Maps (no API needed)
  • Web Pages and External Sites
  • Stacks content - just design as you want
  • HLS Streaming Video

... all with optional lazy loading

Lightbox In Page

Limelight can open its content inside another stack instead of a lightbox. You can therefore create custom content that shows on demand.

Lightbox Navigation

  • Easily set up navigation between light boxes and apply an animation to the transition if required.

Tabs and Menus

Create Tabs, Menus and other navigation structures for you lazy loaded content. Using the Lightbox In Page feature, you can create many unique layouts such as multiple map locations, product grids and even menus.

Streaming HLS Video

Limelight supports streaming of HLS video so that you can serve very high resolution video on your site without waiting for it to load and slowing your page down.