This project makes extensive use of Splider stack to really showcase how flexible this slider stack is. Here are a few particular examples to look out for:

  • The Hero image slider on the home page (that makes use of the synced slider option)
  • The Poster 2 blog list on the Projects page has been laid out using Splider. That’s right - you can layout all of your blog list items in a slider format!
  • Our About us page uses different Splider stacks as a novel approach for the Meet the Team card/flip/reveal section.

Other notable features:

  • Hover effects / content reveal (hover over the images on the home page to see this)
  • Demonstrates the use of Animate stack (sold separately). Non-animated version is included too.

Lightweight, efficient and fast! Like all of our Source projects, it effortlessly scores well in Google Lighthouse (performance, accessibility, SEO and best practices)!

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