The most advanced yet simple to use, responsive column layout stack for the Stacks plugin.

The entire concept of this layout system revolves around the magic number 12. There are 12 imaginary columns across the stack regardless of the screen size. You decide how many of those 12 imaginary columns each of your columns in the stack will occupy at the different screen sizes on offer. You can also specify 0 for any column which will hide that column completely.

No bloated frameworks were used in the making of this stack. We did not use any of the many frameworks out there to design this stack. We wanted to keep the code as light as possible and engineer this new responsive grid system from the ground up, specifically for the Stacks 3 plugin. We succeeded with a javascript free stack that has CSS weighing in at a feather light 8kb. With a large portion of the code now shared across multiple instances of the stack on the same page, this stack will barely make a dent in the overall page size.