You want to organise your warehoused photos on your server the correct way or provide your customer a way to upload documents, and downoad them?

Repository Manager is the perfect answer therefore. It allows you to manage your server files:

  • Upload and download all kind of files like images or documents
  • Create, rename, or delete folders and files
  • Move files around the server location
  • Edit text documents like css, js, html, or php directly on the server
  • Preview images in a gallery style lightbox
  • Integrated Authentication, UserAccess Stack or Sitelok Integration
  • Email notification for file uploads
  • Thumbnail folder generation
  • Translated in different languages

All these options can be configured as needed.

As it is based on Bootstrap, it is dependend on Blankstrap or Foundry v3 Theme as a page-specific theme, which will work seamlessly together with other themes and frameworks.