For content heavy pages it can be a good idea to prevent all content from showing at one time and enabling the user to decide whether they want to access additional information or not. This is typically done with text sections where a snippet / preview is visible and the option to 'Read more' is presented to the user. Moreish stack enables this functionality in your RapidWeaver / Stacks projects, and not just for text but for any stacks content that you wish! 

Some key features: 

  • Toggle visibility of any stacks content (e.g. text or images or whatever!) 
  • Extensive button/toggle styling (including built-in support for Source, Foundation and Bootstrap frameworks) 
  • Use text and / or symbols for the toggle button - Collapse full sections of your page - Adapt the wording of the toggle button when it returns to its original state (e.g. Read more > Read less > Read again) 
  • Start with content minimised or maximised 

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