Using Sendy to manage your email lists? Then F6 to Sendy is for you! This stack allows you to use a Foundation 6 Form to collect your visitors name and email, and securely send it to your Sendy instance.

Having bot issues? Use F6's Honeypot and reCAPTCHA stacks to add an additional layer of bot protection.

For a while now, I have had issues with bots getting through to my Sendy install. I wrote F6 to Sendy to resolve this issue. This stack will allow you to use the power of Foundation 6 forms, and it's honeypot stack, reCAPTCHA stack, or my new Form Turnstile stack to filter out bots.

Not only that, this stack supports multiple email list sign ups with either checkbox or radio buttons.

Check out the demo project to see how this can be set up.

I hope you enjoy F6 to Sendy and it solves all of your bots issues.