TotalDropdown is a smart stack for Total CMS. It allows to create a dropdown list in a form editable in Total CMS.

The selection can be easily sent with the form. 

The following fields in Total CMS can be used: 

  • Tags 
  • Genres 
  • Categories 
  • Labels 
  • Author 
  • Media 

Just add a comma separated list in the corresponding Total CMS field in the admin area. 

Example: Data 1, Data2, Data3 

The result is the following selection list: 




This opens up many flexible possibilities: 

  • Dates can be booked for an event 
  • Set time periods using two TotalDropdown stacks on one page. (From To) 
  • For a product, create the number of items to purchase. 
  • Create the options for products like color, sizes, weights etc.

Who is TotalDropdown for? 

For any Total CMS user who needs a way to create data through the CMS to submit to a booking, purchase or contact form.


  • Stacks 4+
  • Total CMS