Now With Support for TCMS Form Text Fields!

Introducing F6AutoMask, a dynamic enhancement to your Foundation 6 Forms that enriches your user interface with text field masking and AutoFloat functionalities. This tool allows you to effortlessly format your form text fields by applying a wide array of mask patterns. You can utilize masks for Dates (in multiple formats), Phone numbers, Number sequences, as well as automatic upper case, lower case, and title case conversions.

F6AutoMask also affords you the flexibility to tailor the mask patterns to your exact needs and personal preferences, offering you absolute command over the formatting procedure. Alongside text field masking, F6AutoMask equips you with the AutoFloat feature, enabling you to dictate the number of decimal places, the decimal character, and the thousands character. The tool automatically incorporates these decimal and thousands characters into the entered number.

Moreover, F6AutoMask empowers you to append prefixes or suffixes to your data, thereby increasing its applicability for a variety of scenarios.

Whether you're amassing data for a database table, a CSV file, or any other objective, F6AutoMask ensures your data stays uniform and consistent. In essence, F6AutoMask is an indispensable asset that simplifies your formatting tasks and enhances the accuracy of your data collection process.