This mail stack does not require a php extension to be added to your page, nor does it automatically apply one. This stack works in an existing html page.

The advantage of a form that does not convert your page to php.

If you have an existing page, inbound links may already have accumulated.
If you change the page extension to php at a later date, anyone re-visiting your original html page from a stored link will get just that.. "The old html page."
HTML Contact keeps your page in it's original home..!

Anti spam.

The stack employs an anti spam measure known as "The honey pot method"
Trawling robots looking to spam your inbox have been proven to be fooled by this anti spam measure.
We have been using the form on our support page for years now, and don't receive any spam from the page.

Secure email address.

Your own email address where the form is to be sent is secured from trawling robots and spiders, so you can rest assured you won't start receiving spam email.