Quizzes are a fantastic interaction that can be added to your web pages to engage with your visitors. You can use these purely for fun or have them act as a knowledge check.

Quiz content

You develop your quiz content outside of RapidWeaver/Stacks and then link to it via the stack settings. The format used is JSON and you can either create this file manually (using the provided templates as a guide) or by using our custom built 'Quiz code generator'.

Countless features

The quiz can be set up to:

  • Display questions in a random order
  • Show a subset of the provided questions
  • Include images and media in the questions / answers
  • Display feedback per question (for correct and wrong answers)
  • Present a custom message to users at the end of quiz depending on their score/grade
  • Allow the user to share their result (by email / social media)
  • ...and much more!

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